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Ajello CandlesThe motto of the Ajello Candle Company is “It’s better to light a candle than to curse the darkness”. This candle making company has been in business since 1775. The company has been family owned for seven generations. The candles from Ajello’s are well recognized for their beauty and quality. Since they make more candles now compared to 1775, their dedication to quality and to customers hasn’t changed.
The Ajello Candle Company was founded by Rafael Ajello, an Italian painter. He was also a beekeeper, so he tried his hand at using bees wax to produce candles. He worked hard to produce a formula that worked well. The formula, along with his outstanding artistic ability, resulted in birth of the Ajello Candle Company. In 1785, the organization earned the honor of developing all of the candles for the Vatican. He and his wife ran the business, keeping their kids involved in the processes from a young age. As time continued, their kids and grandchildren kept the company running along with passed the family business on to their kids.

By 1862, the company had established itself as a leader among the candle making industry. They’d also added perfumes and many colors for their line of outstanding candles. The decided to extend the company to Manhattan, The big apple. In both places, the business prospered. Kings and aristocrats in Italy wanted the services of the Ajello Candle Company. They designed candles for weddings, funerals, and ceremonies. They made the candles for the inauguration of the King of Spain in 1876, Pope Pius IX in 1878, and Pope Leo in 1902. Hollywood stars and rich people in Beverly Hills California wanted the candles from the Ajello Candle Company too. Candles were also ordered by President Roosevelt, Charles Lindbergh, and Rudolph Valentino.


In 1922, the Ajello Candle Company designed a memorial candle for their deceased friend Enrico Caruso. This candle was 18 feet tall and weighed greater than a ton. It’s estimated this candle could burn twenty-four hours a day for 1,800 years before running out of wax. This enormous memorial candle continues to be the largest one ever made on the planet. Every year it is lit twice to honor the day Enrico Caruso was born and the day he died.


The Ajello Candle Company grew even larger and sells were well beyond anticipated both in Italy and The usa. In 1953 the company was asked to create 2,200 candles for the coronation of Queen Elizabeth. The organization was honored to satisfy the request, and had all the candles ready in 6 months. The Ajello Candle Company was approached to be bought out, but refused. The family wanted their candle business to stay exactly that, not a major corporation.


Inspite of the creative efforts of the Ajello Candle Company, they were not able to fulfill the demand for their candles in 1965 through the blackout in New York City. The age of computers has found the Ajello Candle Company offering candles through the internet. Ironically, as Rafael Ajello worked 24 / 7 to produce candles for this need, his wife was having a baby with their child at a hospital scrambling to find candles for her room.


The Ajello Candle Company is still going strong today, offering quality candles which are beautiful as well as made of the finest quality products. These candles can be bought many specialty stores throughout the world as well as on the net in the comfort of our homes. This candle making business has spanned many generations, yet continues to hold the traditions and values of Rafael Ajello who started this business more than two centuries ago.


Whoever has use of the internet should take a look at www.ajellocandles.com. Your breath is going to be taken away at the gorgeous candles there. I have never seen such beautiful wedding candles or unique decorating candles. I have seen a lot of candles, and I was very impressed. While Ajello Candle Company makes many custom candles for celebrities and royalty, they are very willing to do it for you also. Simply select what you need and they will provide you with the highest quality candles available.

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